LoessFest2017 is announced by the Loess Focus Group of INQUA, Department of Soil Science at Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, the Institute of Geography at University of Cologne, the Section of Geochronology and Isotope Hydrology at Leibniz Institute for Applied Geophysics, Hanover . The conference will take place 08 to 12 October 2017, in Gorgan, Golestan Province. The main scopes are: Loess and climate change, Potential and degradation of loess derived soils and Methods in loess research.

LoessFest 2017 aims to discuss recent issues on loess research that will further understanding of loess formation and climate change dynamics. Moreover, building a bridge to other climate archives of Eurasia will be envisaged. Knowledge gaps due to spatial and analytical limits will be elucidated.

The loess record of Northern Iran reflects numerous cycles of climate change and landscape evolution for the Middle to Late Quaternary period. The loess/palaeosol sequences represent the most important geo-archive of climate change in the region and provide an important link between loess deposits in South-eastern Europe and Central Asia.

There are a number of investigations being carried out on the chronology and properties of the Iranian loess /Paleosols by the German_Iranian and recently Chinese scientists. The preliminary results were presented in the “International Symposium on Loess, Soils and Climate Change in Southern Eurasia” in 2014 in Gorgan. More findings on the Iranian Loess Plateau will be discussed in Loessfest2017. For more information about ISLSCE2014 please refer to Abstract and Excursion Guide books.

Golestan Province is one of the most important agricultural areas of Iran well known for its loess deposits and loess-derived fertile soils. Land use change and deforestation on loess hill slopes are considered as the main causes of recent dramatic flooding events. Therefore erosion potential of loess derived soils and management strategies are also to be discussed in the conference.


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